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4 Tips To Prepare for Hurricane Season

The Atlantic hurricane season is upon us and runs through the end of November, which can make popular destinations a worrisome option for sun-drenched getaways. If the house cleaning, kid shuttling and manic Mondays have you stressed, never fear. Molly Maid has tips to bring peace of mind to the most nervous traveler:

  1. Because weather can change quickly, consider southernmost Caribbean islands such as Aruba, Barbados and Turks & Caicos, which are historically the least likely to be affected during hurricane season.  Check out other destinations with good chances for smooth sailing during this uncertain time of year.
  2. Stay in the loop on severe weather alerts by signing up for a free, reputable service such as the Weather Channel. Manage your own expectations with proper planning and knowing that August and early September pose the highest risk for severe storms.
  3. Have you received an Internet special featuring shockingly, low deals for accommodations in a tropical paradise? Resorts betting on smooth water and sunny days offer unbelievable deals in August and September. If you feel confident about the forecast, check into your resort’s weather guarantee to protect your precious paid time off, investment and safety.
  4. You can always opt out of hurricane concerns by traveling to autumn destinations with more to offer than white sand beaches and palm trees. Inland locations in the continental U.S. such as northern Michigan offer breathtaking fall foliage while  popular theme parks have lighter crowds after Labor Day for your ideal retreat from the everyday. If beaches are the only cure to what ails you, consider Hawaii with its consistently, sunny skies above white and black sandy beaches.

Thomas Edison said, “Good fortune is what happens when opportunity meets with planning.” Use Edison’s wise words for the next few months and make your travel decisions wisely with information, alerts and considering your personal preference for risk. To get your kids involved, visit FEMA’s website and make sure your tiniest family members are part of the planning process.

Tell us about destinations you may visit over the next few months… and happy vacationing!