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Storage Space Organization – Solved!

Storage SpaceStorage space. Some people are blessed with more than others. And boy have we heard stories about how those who are “storage space challenged” find solutions. Rumor has it some households put their storage items in unused bathtubs, or even the whole bathroom, when they’ve run out of room in their closets, basement or garage. Are you one of these folks? Then I suggest you keep reading.

We’ve discussed how to fold a fitted sheet to tidy your linen closets. And how to maximize your closet space. But to solve your overarching storage space issues, you really need to do three things.

KEEP, DONATE, and TRASH. The most difficult task of getting any space organized is sorting through your stuff. To help you do this in an easy, methodical manner, we recommend you have three bins and clearly mark them with KEEP, DONATE, and TRASH. They don’t necessarily have to be bins, you can just get a pile going for each , but have it clearly marked so you know which one is which. You should set clear rules about what it is that you keep, donate or throw out in the trash. For example, have you used/worn it in the last year? Is it in good AND working condition? Did you have to blow a layer of dust off to actually see what it was? Setting clear rules will make it easier for you to decide which category your items belong.

Organizing the KEEP. Now that you’ve gone through all your sorting, it’s time to sort some more and categorize what you kept. Some category ideas include Christmas Decorations, Sports Equipment, Pet Supplies, Toys, Photographs, Vinyl Records, Summer Clothes, etc. Oprah magazine’s Adam Glassman suggests using a label maker Link opens in a new tab, and putting your kept items in clear plastic bins.

—–>WAIT! Before you put your newly organized items back into their places, we highly recommend you clean your storage spaces for dust. One of the best ways to manage dust in your home is by making sure your closet floors are clean. Want more tips on dusting? Check out our Top 5 Ways to Get Rid of Dust in Your Home.

Storing the KEEP. Once “Organizing the KEEP” is completed, you should now have more space to store your organized items. If you find you still need to store items in the oven and your kitchen cabinets, reread this blog post and start again at KEEP. DONATE. TRASH., but this time focus more on the DONATE and TRASH as opposed to the KEEP. 🙂