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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas by Molly Maid

Valentine’s Day is a day full of hearts, candies, chocolates, roses, romantic dinners, cupid’s arrow, and the colors red and pink. With so many gift ideas, where should you focus your efforts for your loved ones? We’ve got the answers below.

valentine's day fish school

  • Valentine for Spouses. Whether it’s you or your husband who does most of the cleaning around the house, nothing says I appreciate and love you more than a Molly Maid gift card. We know, we know! We’re a little biased. But don’t listen to us, see what one of our Facebook fans had to say below. Interested in a Molly Maid gift card? The Mollys are happy to help!

  • Valentine for Coworkers. Sweet treats are a great Valentine’s Day gift for your coworkers. And more than likely, they’ll be gone in a heartbeat!

Valentine’s Day Rice Krispie Treats Link opens in a new tab

rice krispies in the shape of a heart

Oreos for Valentine’s Day Link opens in a new tab

white chocolate covered oreo with a heart on it

What do you think of our Valentine’s Day gift ideas? Which gift would you most like to get on Valentine’s Day?! Please leave your thoughts in the comments section below. <3 Molly Maid