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Gain Indendence From Annoying Tasks

In the spirit of the upcoming Fourth of July holiday, the Molly Maid team wondered… how can we help people find independence from dreaded tasks? There are three simple questions to ask BEFORE making decisions about using your irreplaceable resources – time and money:

1. Do you really need it?

Is going to the mall for another new pair of chic sunglasses or sandals as important as going to the grocery store to fill your fridge with fresh food for your family? Should getting out of bed early to squeeze in a workout trump staying up too late to catch one more episode of really bad, summer-time reality TV? Would it be better to get out some sidewalk chalk and water balloons to play with your kids, or play CityVille on Facebook to collect rent and construct buildings?! Whether the currency is time or money, spending should center around your most needed areas first – the ones that take care of needs and provide happiness in your life!

2. Should I do this task myself?

In her article Link opens in a new tab, Maggie McGrath helps people find out how much your time is worth! She shares a free quiz Link opens in a new tab developed by Clearer Thinking to provide intel to help you decide how you should spend your time and what is a complete waste of it! With a monetary value in mind, you can determine whether to expend your personal energy or pay for outside assistance in nine common areas including: washing your car or visiting the car wash, cleaning the house yourself or hiring maid service and staying at home versus working outside the home. Consider getting your family involved, asking for help or trading favors, such as babysitting with friends and neighbors. Find a way to get what needs doing – done, by you or someone else!

3. What positive outcome can I expect?

This step can be a powerful motivator when budgeting your dollars and available hours! Will spending 30 minutes playing games online keep you busy enough to resist those junk food cravings? Do you work inside all week and enjoy the fresh air and Vitamin D boost you get while mowing your lawn – even though it’s cheaper to pay a neighborhood kid to do it for you? If you answered yes, then WORTH IT! Think about the potential reward from your actions and purchases – and best of luck finding ways to improve your quality of life!

We hope our tips help you identify your personal priorities and whether the sweat, effort and elbow grease are worth as much as you are! Let us know on Facebook Link opens in a new tab what chores you choose to outsource or do yourself!