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Creative Pumpkin Carving and Decorating Ideas

pumpkin carving ideas 2012October is the time year when the leaves turn, the costumes come out, and pumpkin carving becomes a major topic of conversation. Our friends over at Mr. Handyman have put together a great video on Pumpkin Carving Ideas for 2012 and there are links with step-by-step instructions on how to complete each project below. Follow their outstanding tips and techniques and your pumpkins will really stand out this year.

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Free, Printable Pumpkin Carving Patterns

The first step to carving a great pumpkin is a great design. Get your, free, printable pumpkin carving patterns including bats, cats, ghosts and goblins.

Spooky Pumpkin Spider made from PVC Pipe

Pumpkin Spider made with PVC PipeOur spooky spider will stop anyone who walks by. All it takes to make our spider is some PVC pipe, a few joints, and a pumpkin. Give white PVC pipe, a quick coat of black spray paint. You can even paint your pumpkin black, depending on how you want your spider to look. Next attach the ½ inch PCV pipe and 16 joints for the for the legs. Step-by-Step Directions for the PVC Pumpkin Spider.

Pumpkin Decorating with Hardware for Toddlers

We love this activity because it allows young children to safely be involved with pumpkin carving. Take a peek in your junk drawers or your tool box to find items that can be used to make eyes, nose and ears. If you are short on hardware you can buy a collection of great items for under five dollars. A parent makes a few strategically placed holes in the pumpkin, and the toddler gets to insert all of the items to decorate the pumpkin. If the child is old enough to pick-up a bolt, he or she will be able to participate in the fun! Read more on pumpkin decorating for toddlers.

Pumpkin Lighting 101

You want your pumpkins to stand out from everyone else’s, right?! A great way to do that is with better lighting, and of course, more power!

While a candle will give you a little light, electric lights really make your pumpkin pop, especially if you are carving a pumpkin with an intricate design. An inexpensive method is to repurpose christmas lights. Simply roll them up in a ball, or around a jar and you pumpkin will have all the power it needs. You can also buy inexpensive flood light fixtures at a hardware store and put them in your pumpkin for even more light.

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