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Top 5 Ways to Get Your Kids to do Chores

Having a hard time getting your kids to help clean around the house? Rest assured, you are not alone…

There are many a child who miraculously become unable to do much of anything when asked to “clean,” “pick-up,” “take out,” or “wash” something.

Want to know how to motivate your kids to help with cleaning around the house? Here are our top tips:

  • Motivation. There are varying opinions about leveraging the power of the allowance, but you don’t always have to motivate your children with money. What do your kids love to do? Depending on their age, think of what would really motivate your kids to get off their behinds and help out. More time playing video games? A sleepover with friends? A sweet treat?
  • Consistency. Once your kids are motivated to help out, there needs to be a level of consistency over time in order to set expectations for your children. It’s not feasible to buy your kids a brand new video game every time he/she takes out the trash, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be consistent with what you present as motivation. Confused? Let us explain. Let’s say for every new chore your kids become responsible for i.e. taking out the trash or emptying the dishwasher, they get a larger motivational item i.e. new game, a night at the movies, sleepover, etc. and for every time they maintain responsibility for that chore, you reward them with a small treat. One of our fellow Molly Maid moms created a “treat basket” that her daughters get to choose from every Sunday after they’ve completed their chores for the week.
  • Music. Singing and playing music during chores is a great motivator. Young kids might like to sing the beloved Barney Clean-Up Song Link opens in a new tab or jam out to their own tunes on their iPods.
  • Competition. Who can clean up more toys? Winner gets a prize! Something as simple as that can get your kids to help out. A little healthy competition is good for everyone! Kid chore charts are also a good motivator for competition. Adding colorful stickers or stamps everytime a chore is completed can be reason enough for some kids.
  • Threaten. OK. So threatening isn’t something we usually promote but depending on your parenting style sometimes you’ve gotta be tough. If your kids are being particular disobedient it might be time to lay down the law with some sort of: I’m going to count to 3…; or do you want a timeout?; or you’re grounded!

Here are some more kid cleaning tips from our very own Professor M of the Molly Institute.

What do you think of our top five cleaning games and tips for kids? Have one of your own? Please share with us in the comments section below.