How to Vacuum: Yes, Apparently You Do Need Vacuuming Tips!

Vacuum removing dirt on a white carpet

Anyone can push a vacuum cleaner back and forth over carpet, but to do the best job possible you must follow a few vacuuming tips. After all, a vacuum is only as good as its operator.

5 Tips for Vacuuming Effectively

pink microfiber cloth1. Dust first. This tip comes into play before you even plug in your vacuum. Dusting results in various dirt and debris — dead bugs, crumbs, pet hair and the like — falling onto your carpet, no matter how careful you are. If you typically vacuum first because your machine spews dust during the process, then you need to change its bag, take it in for maintenance or purchase a more modern model.

2. Prep the room. Move any furniture you can out of the room; you don’t need to do this every time, but as part of seasonal cleaning it makes sense to clean the entire area of carpet. Give the floor a quick scan, picking up any small items you don’t want to disappear into the bowels of your vacuum cleaner. Even if you don’t care to ever see something again, keep in mind that small objects can damage the cleaner’s inner workings.

3. Check the vacuum bag. Replace full bags, or if you are out, simply empty the bag and reuse it. You can do this by cutting off the end with scissors, emptying the contents and stapling the bag shut. Only do this in an vacuum emergency.Cleaning red stain off white carpet

4. Work backwards and make multiple passes. Just as you do with mopping, start vacuuming at the end of the room farthest from the door. Work your way backward from left to right, making multiple passes over each area as you go; once pass rarely picks up all dirt and debris. Use the appropriate attachments as you go, such as the furniture attachment for furniture. That attachment also works well for stairs.

5. Spot treat stains. If after you vacuum, or even before, you see spots on the carpet, spot treat with the appropriate product. Spot cleaners for pet stains are available, and home remedies work for others. For example, if grease from a pair of shoes ended up on your carpet, simply apply a generous amount of baking soda or corn meal and brush lightly over the stain. Let it sit overnight, then vacuum again the next day. How often you vacuum depends on the foot traffic in your home and whether or not you have kids or pets. Start by vacuuming weekly, then add the chore as often as needed.

How to Get Out of Vacuuming

Speaking of kids… at a certain age, adding vacuuming to their chore list takes this task off yours. Your kids don’t have a chore list? Check out our free printable chore charts to involve your youngest family members in the upkeep of your homewomen vacumming. Also check out these tips for making cleaning fun for kids. If neither you nor your kids have time to keep the carpet in your home clean, you have two additional options:

Hire professional cleaners — They will be more than happy to take the weekly chores, or however often you schedule them, off your hands. And since they are professionals, they will get the work done in half the time and with expert results.

Buy a robot vacuum — While we aren’t yet at the point of having a Rosey the Robot in every house, multiple models exist for you to choose from, and most work on carpeted floors in addition to hard surfaces. Happy vacuuming!

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