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Free Time Fridays: Outdoor Adventures

Molly Maid knows your time is valuable, which is why we created the “What’s Your Time Worth” Calculator to show you exactly how much time you’re giving up to clean your home. In our new weekly blog series-Free Time Fridays, we want to explore the novelty of free time. Instead of spending your much anticipated weekend chained to your home, take the opportunity to enjoy the things you love most. Each Friday we will feature a new bundle of activities to enjoy while Molly Maid does your dirty work…literally.

The summer air beckons us outdoors, giving us the opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty which surrounds us. It’s undeniable that being active outdoors is crucial in living a healthy lifestyle — the health benefits for youLink opens in a new tab and your children alone is reason to make outdoor recreation a priority this summer. Whether you’re biking, climbing, falling, or resting, there are endless options at your fingertips. Free up your weekend to embark on an outdoor adventure.

Go for a hike: You never have to go far to find a hidden gem. Hiking a new trail adds excitement to your workout routine- and you’ll never know what treasure you might find. The American Heart Association Walking PathLink opens in a new tab even locates trails near you so you don’t have to!

Go for a hike

Go horseback riding: Try an outdoor activity or sport you wouldn’t normally do. Who knows? Maybe dressageLink opens in a new tab will be your newest hobby.

Go horseback riding

Explore a new place: Sometimes the unplanned adventures unravel the best surprises. You don’t have to have a plan in order to get up and go!

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Stay active during the day: Just because you have an office job doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the outdoors. Make it a priority to get outside and stretch your legs— getting some fresh air will help with mental clarity so you can power through the rest of the day.

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What is your time worth? Share with us all the outdoor activities you would be doing if you didn’t have to clean your house.