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Molly Maid

Free Time Fridays: Science & Nature

Molly Maid knows your time is valuable, which is why we created the “What’s Your Time Worth” Calculator to show you exactly how much time you’re giving up to clean your home. In our new weekly blog series- Free Time Fridays, we want to explore the novelty of free time. Instead of spending your much anticipated weekend chained to your home, take the opportunity to enjoy the things you love most. Each Friday we will feature a new bundle of activities to enjoy while Molly Maid does your dirty work…literally.

This weekend, soak up your beautiful surroundings. Next time you sit outside enjoying the sunset, walk through a beautiful grove of trees, or enjoy the magnificence of a glowing rainbow, think about these spectacular facts.

sundance trees final


Enjoy the sunset: Although the sun looks orange in color, sunlight contains billions of molecules in every color of the spectrum, each with a different wavelength. As the sun progresses toward the horizon, colors with short wavelengthsLink opens in a new tab (blues and greens) disappear, creating the beautiful red and orange natural light show that you see.

enjoy the sunset final

Rainbows: Ever go looking for that pot of gold at the end of a rainbow? Unfortunately, you’ll have better luck tracking down an actual leprechaun than the end of that rainbow. Rainbows don’t actually existLink opens in a new tab— it is merely a reflection of the light particles in the air. The sun’s ray includes every color of the spectrum, but when seen altogether, looks transparent. When it rains, the rays are broken up and reflect off the water droplets. This incredible light refraction is seen differently based on the observer’s angleLink opens in a new tab from the sun.


take in nature's beauty

Trees: Not only do trees clean our air, provide shade, and make great jungle gyms, they are also majestic and spectacular. The tallest treeLink opens in a new tab was 379 feet tall and 2000 years old- a California coast Redwood tree reaching taller than the Statue of Liberty! Trees also have been known to prevent crime, save you money, and are cheap natural recyclersLink opens in a new tab. Seriously, what’s better than that?

go for a walk in the woods

Mountains: Mountains are great for recreational sports like hiking, biking, and skiing. But did you know that one-fifth of the world is covered in mountainsLink opens in a new tab, with at least one mountain in every country in the world? The longest mountain range, however, happens to be underwater and reaches over 40,000 miles!

mountains final

Comment below and share with us what you would be doing if you had some new found free time!