Molly Maid

5 Tips for a Perfect Patio Party

Want to throw the perfect party on your patio or deck this weekend? Molly Maid has some easy party patio tips to make your get together great.

Before the weekend arrives, Molly Maid recommends spending 10 minutes in your outdoor space around dusk. Ask yourself these questions in advance to prevent pesky party-pooper moments later:

Outdoor seating area1. Are the mosquitoes making you miserable?

Tell pests to buzz off by preparing the area with plants that naturally repel mosquitoesLink opens in a new tab, such as marigolds and citronella. Both plants are low maintenance and citronella scented candles or torches are also fast fixes. In a 2010 study, students at Iowa State University reported that catnip was 10 times more effective than DEET, though only advised for homeowners’ without feline friends.

2. Will your guests be able to see where they’ve set their drink once the sun sets?

Night vision goggles are a definite “fashion don’t,” and so is a darkened deck! Make sure you have candles, solar lanterns or strings of white holiday lights to ease into evening and ensure everyone can safely navigate around – especially near stairs or elevated areas without railing.

3. Could the night chill stop the fun in its tracks?

Don’t let falling temperatures send your guests rushing off too soon. A portable fire pitLink opens in a new tab with a screen cover is an inexpensive way to keep warm while keeping sparks contained. Keep the fire pit at least 10 feet away from your house and trees, and place it on flat concrete or brick surface. For around $200 a piece, you can also purchase tabletop or floor standing heating lamps to linger a little bit later.

4. Does your deck décor need a makeover?

Your deck will deserve the perfect party title after some house cleaning and embellishment. First, use a stiff bristled broom to sweep the floor and use warm soapy water and a hand brush to remove sticky or moldy spots on your home’s siding. Next, add colorful pillows in weather resistant fabric to make your seating stand out and consider adding an outdoor rug to match underneath the table. Metal wall fixtures come in several finishes and designs. Find one that suits you to personalize your patio. Turn on some tunes suited to the crowd using a portable speaker system to set the scene for fun.

5. Is there enough space to place and eat those yummy hors d’oeuvres?

Does your deck have enough surface space for serving snacks? Folding tray tables and card tables don’t take up a lot of room yet add portable options that can be quickly removed once guests are finished eating. Consider moving a sofa table or moveable kitchen cart outside to store plates, cups, napkins, condiments and plastic ware.

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