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Hiring a Green Cleaning Service

Oftentimes, when people think of green home cleaning one immediately thinks of an organic all-purpose cleaner or an earth-friendly soap scum solution. Believe it or not, there’s more to consider than “green” cleaning products when choosing an environmentally-friendly home cleaning service.

green cleaning service

You really want to take a step back and make sure the whole company strives to be a “green business.” What do we mean by that…?

  • The 3 R’s. In order to save costs and reduce our waste, we reuse cleaning spray bottles and microfiber cloths. Of course, we wash, clean, and sanitize all our microfiber cloths to use for the next day. And we use durable and efficient spray bottles to refill with cleaning solution over and over again. Many of local Molly Maid locations also recycle and have a program in place to decrease their carbon footprint.
  • Big Gas Savings. Another item to consider when choosing a green home cleaning service is making sure the company is energy-efficient. Not only does optimizing cleaning routes help with gas costs, it’s also better for the environment. We schedule cleaning routes so that our home service professionals don’t have to drive across town several times a day – wasting gas.
  • Finding Balance. For us, green home cleaning means The 3 R’s, Big Gas Savings, and Finding Balance with it all. We use less of highly-concentrated cleaning materials to clean more, and alternate using disinfectants with greener cleaning products in order to kill harmful bacteria and cold-causing germs. (Work in an office? Check out our 7 Dirtiest Places in the Office Infographic.)

So the next time you’re thinking about hiring a green cleaning service, take a step back and look at the larger picture. It’s not just about green cleaning products but how the cleaning company approaches “green business.”