Molly Maid
Molly Maid

Thanksgiving Crafts and Setting the Perfect Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to appreciate the loved ones in your life and make priceless memories together. All the hours in the kitchen lead up to just a few minutes of satisfying overindulgence. In preparation for the big day, it’s always fun to have a beautiful Thanksgiving table setting waiting for your family and friends as they arrive.

For your Thanksgiving table setting, start with the basics. Click here to see an easy cheat sheetLink opens in a new tab for setting your table.

Place Setting

Note that if your event is going to be formal, remember to set the place settings as such. After your place settings are in order, the rest is open for interpretation and creativity. Some important elements to a perfectly festive table may include:

  • Linens and table runner
  • Candles and candlesticks
  • Fresh flowers
  • Pumpkins and/or pinecones
  • Your best china
  • Placemats
  • Anything festive and fun!

Featured is our idea of a perfect Thanksgiving tablescape in case you’re in need of a little inspiration.

Having crafts to occupy the kids during Thanksgiving can be a lifesaver when the adults are busy in the kitchen. Here’s just one of many Thanksgiving crafts to have on hand for the little ones.

We love these adorable candy turkeys as a thanksgiving craft for kids. They are easy, fun, and have proven to make kids jump in excitement. To make these festive treats you will need:

  • Large peanut butter cups
  • Miniature peanut butter cups
  • 4 candy corns per turkey
  • Frosting or baking gel
  • Candy eyes (found in the baking aisle of most grocery stores)

We recommend throwing the chocolates in the freezer a few minutes before starting– this helps with any melting when warm, sticky children fingers are working. Using the frosting, adhere one mini peanut butter cup to a large peanut butter cup face up. This will be your turkey’s head. After cutting the tips off four candy corn, attach those as the feathers around the head. Add some candy eyes and a candy corn tip as a nose and you’re done! These cuties also look great as table setting accesories.

As always, Molly Maid is here to help you get ready for your big day. We hope you are now on your way to an enjoyable, festive holiday!