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Choosing the Right Vacuum: Canister or Upright

We talked about the best way to vacuum your home in a post earlier this year. Turns out, some of you also want advice on how to choose the actual appliance. Purchasing a vacuum cleaner can be confusing due to the many different brands and types available. Use these tips to get the right one for your home.

Canister vs. Upright

First, you must decide between a canister and an upright vacuum. Each has its pros and cons.canister-vacuum-cleaner

Canister Pros — The vacuum itself fits into more places than an upright appliance. You also may appreciate how much easier it is to vacuum stairs with a canister. Even if an upright has a stair attachment for the hose, moving the heavier weight of an upright proves more difficult.

Canister Cons — You may not like having to haul two pieces, no matter how light, rather than one as with an upright vacuum. Having two pieces also increases the potential for furniture damage. And canister models tend to be pricier than uprights. They also have smaller bags or debris compartments, requiring you to change or empty them more often than uprights.

Upright Pros — Many find an upright vacuum much easier to use, as you can simply slide it out of the closet and perform most functions with a foot instead of having to bend over. Most uprights also have a certain amount of self-propulsion that reduces the amount of effort you must put forth. And you can purchase a model with multiple attachments and a longer hose, allowing you to reach places not accessible by the vacuum itself.

Upright Cons — You may not want an upright simply because of how much vertical space it takes up in storage, or you may value the ability to more easily clean stairs that a canister offers.

As you can see, whether you choose a canister or an upright depends on your personal preference more than any other factors.

Customer Reviews

Upright VacuumOnce you decide on the type of vacuum cleaner you want, dig deep into customer reviews left on shopping websites such asAmazonLink opens in a new tab. There you will find the top 10 appliances according to users, each one with hundreds of reviews that detail the “why” behind the rating.

As you read through the reviews, keep in mind what ranks at the top of your must-have list for a vacuum cleaner. If you have pets, for example, you may want a model with heavy-duty brushes that force difficult-to-pick-up hair and dander from your carpet up and into the debris compartment.

A user said this in a review of the top-rated, at the time of this post, Shark Navigator Elite Professional Lift-Away Rotator – Model NV501: “It sucks up dirt and pet hair amazingly well!” Another user said this in a review of the Dyson DC41 Animal Complete Upright Vacuum Cleaner: “I am impressed, to say the least. It picks up that much pet hair very efficiently, without the roller bar just stopping mid-vacuum due to hair wrapped around it. Sure some does wrap around, but it’s so easy to pull out.”

You may not have pets, but may have allergies, making a model with a HEPA filter and other features a must. Simply search the reviews by “allergies” to find details specific to the issue. Same goes with the desire to clean hard and soft surfaces—including carpet and furniture—with the same vacuum, or the need to tackle stairs easily.

In addition to factoring user reviews into your decision, consult consumer publications as well. If you plan to spend a great deal of money on a high-end vacuum, the cost of access to Consumer Reports reviews and the like will be well worth the small fee.

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