Living Room Cleaning Checklist

Sofa in a messy living room

If you think about it, the living room gets more use than any other room in the house. Every member of the family tends to relaxes in it. And when it comes time to a deep clean, you should keep this living room cleaning checklist in mind and give it the attention it needs.

living room

Ceiling fans, light fixtures and HVAC vents—Per usual when cleaning a room, start at the top so that any dust you dislodge falls on surfaces not yet cleaned. There are many ceiling fan dusters on the market that allow you to reach the blades. Be sure to get the top of the unit as well as any lights. You may need to use a ladder if the dust has accumulated to a point that it requires some elbow grease. Use the same tools to rid your light fixtures and vents of dust.

Wall trim, walls and hanging items—Your extension duster will also work to shake loose any cobwebs, but plan on running a damp cloth along any wall trim at the ceiling level. Do the same to remove any smudges on the walls if you have washable paint. Melamine foam sponges also clean up walls nicely, but use them lightly as they remove paint as well. Finally, dust the frames of any hanging art, removing pieces for closer attention if the glass needs cleaning.

bay windows

Windows and window treatments—Check out our recent post on window cleaning supplies and tips to get detailed how-to info on this important task. If you have window blinds, vacuum with your vacuum’s brush attachment, then follow with a duster. For especially dirty blinds, use a dry sponge on fabric and vinyl and a damp cloth on wood. You also can take removable fabric blinds to your dry cleaner.

Doors—Wipe fingerprints from the door and hardware with a damp cloth, adding a mild soap if necessary, and then rinsing.

Electronics—Wipe down any stereo or TV boxes with a slightly damp cloth, taking care not to loosen any connections. To clean a flat-screen TV, use a microfiber cloth to wipe the screen itself and the surrounding frame. Do not use any cleaners with ammonia, as they can remove the screen’s coating. While you’re working on the electronics in your home, sanitize all remotes.

hand cleaning a wood table with a blue cloth

Furniture—A damp cloth also works to trap or push dust from wooden furniture surfaces. When it comes to upholstered surfaces, such as a couch or ottoman, remove any covers you can to launder or dry clean, then vacuum all areas. The same goes for throw pillows. Follow behind with a paint-roller-size sticky brush if you have stubborn pet hair remaining. Wipe down any knickknacks and other items as you go.

Baseboards and Floors—How you clean your floors depends on their material. Check out this post on cleaning hardwood floors, and this post on cleaning tile floors. We also cover carpet cleaning in this post and offer tips on choosing a vacuum. If you get your carpet professionally cleaned twice a year, as you should, schedule the professionals to come after you have tackled this room so that you don’t just push dust onto a freshly cleaned floor. No matter the material, though, start cleaning this level of the room by dusting the baseboards. Again, melamine foam sponges are a great way to remove scuffs and other marks, but use them gently. Bonus tip: They also clean up light fixtures and outlets!

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