Molly Maid
Molly Maid

Motivating Kids to Clean & Do Chores


In Molly Maid’s recent Cleaning Confessions Survey, more than 2,000 people responded and shared 80 percent of women do all the cleaning at home! Considering all the other tasks on mom’s never-ending To Do list, it’s time to get kids involved in the household chores.

Think about projects your kids can help with and hold them accountable on a chore chart so everyone at home has more free time to enjoy warmer weather that has finally arrived!

  • Microfiber dust cloths do not require cleaning solution and an 8-year-old can easily wipe end tables and the entertainment center.
  • Clearing magazines and catalogs from the living room makes your space much more visually appealing and kids learn to organize and put art supplies away in kindergarten.
  • Handheld vacuums make hair and debris removal on bathroom tile floors a breeze. Give your tween daughter the task that she will use into adulthood!

Making the chart is the first step and the closer is to promote why they should want to help with house cleaning! Try giving compliments for behaviors you want to encourage for the future. Think about the last positive remark someone made about you — receiving compliments fees great, is extremely memorable and kids love it.

In a Family Minute article, the No. 4 tip in “10 Compliments for Children is to tell them how much it means when they contribute to help the family. The author says, “kids need to understand that what they do make a difference, that the adults notice and that pitching in is a good part of family life.”

What ideas do you agree with and what works in your household?