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Top House Cleaning Tips for 2015

As Molly Maid experts, we share cleaning tips with anyone we can, from clients to friends and family. We also post many of our tips here, allowing us to reach those we’ve never even met! Let’s look back at our most popular blog posts of 2014…

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The Complete List of House Cleaning Supplies and Equipment

In this post, we helped readers stock up on the essential products that make all the difference in cleaning, in terms of both efficiency and efficacy. Among the products you need to have on hand are a good all-purpose cleaner, a glass cleaner, and a separate cleaner made specifically for tile and grout. A wood cleaner, if you have wood floors, also helps you remove the most dust and dirt without leaving behind scratches. Check out the post itself to learn what the best cleaning tools are to work with these products.

Cleaning Tips

We round up many of our favorite back-to-basic cleaning tips in this post but also offer professional advice. For example, to tackle a dirty stainless steel sink, sprinkle a little baking soda on a sponge, rub the sink gently and rinse. Also, did you know you can erase furniture footprints in your carpet by placing an ice cube or two, depending on the size of the impression, in the footprint. They will melt on the carpet fibers and cause them to loosen and stand. Just let it air-dry overnight before vacuuming. We also tell you how to remove stubborn stickers in the post.

10 Steps on How To Clean a Bathroom Fast and Efficiently

detailed-bathroom-cleaning2Few folks enjoy cleaning their bathroom, so we talked in this post about how to get in and out quickly, leaving behind a sparkling powder room. Our 10-step process starts with removing all items that will need to be dusted, emptied or otherwise cleaned from their usual spots, and then cleaning the surfaces underneath—as opposed to cleaning around them. The final step, of course, involves cleaning the bathroom floor. You’ll also find tips such as to keep a hand-held vacuum in the bathroom for quick spot cleaning that will allow you to put off your next full run-through for a few days.

One-Day Deep-Cleaning Projects: Bedroom, Bathroom & Kitchen

kitchen-cleaning-ovenWhether you only deep-clean in the spring—or when company has said they’re coming to town—or at least once a month, our advice will help you get the most thorough clean in these rooms. For example, did you know that the upholstery tool on your vacuum and a sprinkle of baking soda are the keys to a clean-smelling mattress? Get moretips for deep cleaning in the post.

How to Clean Wood Floors | Best Dust Mops for Wood Floors

floor-mopMany of our clients have hardwood floors, and it takes special care to keep them scratch free and shining like new. We stress dust-mopping on a frequent basis. Doing so keeps dust and dirt particles from scratching the finish on the floors. We recommend a dust mop with a swivel head to reach all areas easily, and to use a mop with a removable cover that can be washed. In terms of material for the mop, synthetic material will attract more particles than cotton. It also gets cleaner in the wash, and it lasts longer than natural fibers. We also offer step-by-step instructions for cleaning hardwood floors in the post.

Thank you for reading our blog in 2014. We look forward to offering you more advice in 2015 and beyond. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!