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Don’t Forget to Clean These 10 Spots in Your Kitchen

Unlike most other rooms in the home, the kitchen gets cleaned on a daily and weekly basis. You likely load the dishwasher and wipe the counter down each night, and a deeper clean usually happens on the weekend. But do you get all of the gunk and grime? To be sure, add these 10 kitchen cleaning tips to your cleaning routine if they aren’t already a part of it.

1. Bottom of the inside of the fridge.

Crumbs and other bits of food fall to the bottom of the refrigerator as you put items in and take them out. Pull out the produce drawers and wipe the surface below clean.

2. Ceiling of the microwave.

kitchen-cleaning-ovenMany foods splatter up when they cook, and depending on your height, or the placement of your microwave, you might not see how messy the ceiling of the appliance has gotten. Add a quarter cup of vinegar to one cup of water and boil the solution in your microwave for three minutes. The walls of the oven’s interior will be coated with scalding hot acidic humidity. Tackle the stuck-on food with a scrubby sponge and wipe away the mess.

3. Bottom of the microwave or hood.

Just as foods splatter up in the microwave, they also do on the stove. The bottom of your microwave or the hood might need as thorough a cleaning as the ceiling. Many feature pieces you can remove to soak in soapy water.

4. Inside drawer organizers.

Do you immediately close a drawer after pulling out measuring spoons and other utensils? If not, cooking debris has likely landed inside the organizers. Pull them from the drawer, empty the contents, and simply wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth.

5. Crumb tray on the toaster.

If you don’t regularly empty this handy feature, expect to see crumbs fall out every time you reposition the toaster. Also scrub it clean regularly to avoid the smell of burnt toast.

6. Bottom of the pantry.

The same reasoning behind cleaning the bottom of the fridge applies to the kitchen pantry. Every onion you pull out, for example, leaves behind a bit of skin. The scoop of dog food may not always make it to the bowl without losing a kibble or two. Empty the bottom of your pantry and sweep or wipe down the surface.

7. Cabinet doors.

You likely wipe down the doors near the stove when cooking gets messy, but when was the last time you looked at the kitchen cabinets above your fridge or in other high places. Dust can collect on top of trim and develop into hard-to-remove gunk over time. Use a damp cloth to get it out.

8. Trash can.

Installed-Kitchen-Trash-Recycling-BinsNot a fun chore, for sure, but one that will keep your garbage smelling as inoffensive as possible. Take it outside, squirt dishwashing detergent inside the can and let the power of your hose provide the elbow grease.

9. Water sprayer.

In areas with hard water, mineral deposits can clog this important cleaning tool in the kitchen. Simply fill a zip-lock bag with white vinegar, pull the sprayer out and place it in the bag, securing it with a rubber band. Let it sit overnight to break down the deposits.

10. Garbage disposal.

Many commercial products exist to deodorize your garbage disposal, but you can turn to nature instead. Simply cut up a lemon or two and run them through the disposal. Also be sure to wipe down the rubber piece attached to your sink. It can collect food as well and become the source of unpleasant odors.

For all of these chores, cleaning cloths and scrubby sponges work best with your favorite household cleaner.

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