Cleaning Grout: Quick Tips for Speedy Tile and Grout Cleaning

Gloved hand cleaning tile grout with toothbrush

Sparkly white grout between ceramic tiles is noticeable and earns diligent home owners (or Molly Maid customers!) a badge of honor in the on-going war against grime. If you maintain a thorough scrubbing schedule every six months with our oxygen bleach tips and proper sealant, our quick tips can help keep the badge shining brightly between cleanings:

1. Clean messes in minutes.

Spills that sit become stains so juices or tracked in mud must be wiped up ASAP! For liquids, wipe up and solids can be swept away before they settle in for good. Hydrogen peroxide can be poured on to fully remove and cleaned away with a damp cloth.

ceramic tile bathroom

2. Tricks for sneaky stains.

You can keep a spray bottle filled with water or lemon juice and a supply of oxygen bleach for touch ups to spots on (white) grout you spy after they have dried or worn in. Other household heroes include white (non-gel toothpaste), baking soda paste made with water and an old toothbrush.

3. Fanatical about fans.

High bathroom humidity from showers, closed doors and poor ventilation are perfect for mildew messes and grout mold. If your bathroom has a window, open it during or after showers, crack the door or use the fan to minimize moisture. Another good defense against dingy grout is to wipe wet tile dry with a towel.

Check out our house cleaning checklist to keep your whole house looking great, and share your tips for cleaning grout in the comments section below.