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Natural Bug Prevention: Kill Bugs without the Harsh Chemicals

Bowl of picked lavendarThere is no doubt that the best way to keep your home bug-free is by regularly deep-cleaning, even in the areas that you can’t see. Keep reading for Molly Maid’s natural bug prevention tips for your home…

• Rinse out all food or beverage cans and bottles before discarding them.

• Is the inside of your house humid? Insects love moist areas. Consider using a dehumidifier.

• Keep your yard spruced up by cutting back bushes and trees. Overgrown areas, and piles of leaves are perfect nesting spots for bugs.

• Take out the trash nightly.

• Dispose of any overripe fruit, as this is where fruit flies lay their eggs.

• Pull beds away from the wall to lessen breeding grounds for bed bugs.

If it’s too late and you already have bugs, here are some tips on how to kill them without the use harsh chemicals.

• There are plenty of organic products that promise to keep ants away, including home remedies. One commercial product that we recommend for homeowners is Orange GuardLink opens in a new tab. The water-based insecticide and repellent uses d-Limonene, which is simply orange peel extract.

This product is very effective on almost every insect, including ants, roaches, fleas, silverfish, aphids, spider mites, leaf hoppers and scale insects. And because it contains only edible plant extracts and water, it means that it is safe to use around your children and pets. You can even use it on countertops and other areas around food.

• In terms of home remedies, there are two great options. The first option only requires two ingredients: water and vinegar. Simply add these two things to into a spray bottle and you’ll get the perfect solution for getting rid of ants and other bugs.

The second option requires you to mix water, dishwashing liquid and olive oil in a spray bottle. Once added, shake the bottle and the solution is ready for use. This works particularly well for small flying insects because the olive oil prevents them from flying after being sprayed. Note: be careful where you spray this solution. Olive oil tends to be very slippery!

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