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Spring Cleaning Tips – 3 Quick and Easy Ways to Clean-Up Faster!

Spring Cleaning Tips

The trick to tackling an overwhelming task is to make a plan and gather the tools for the job before you begin. In Molly Maid’s recent Cleaning Confessions Survey, nearly half of the 2,000+ respondents said they don’t typically spring clean their homes… wowza! In most areas of the country, windows and doors have been sealed shut for several months due to one of the worst winters in history. Molly Maid has three spring cleaning tips help you tackle the chore:

1. Prioritize the rooms and items to clean first while your resolve is high! The kitchen, family room and bathrooms are the most dreaded rooms to clean as clutter, dust and grime definitely build up over time. Approach each space systematically and remove toys, shoes, magazines and items left behind first. Then, clean and dust, lastly vacuum and sweep and mop floors to ensure downed debris is eliminated!

2. Cleaning tools such as a squeegee, microfiber cloths and mop, and empty laundry basket can save you a lot of time removing dust, gathering items left around the house and removing the dirty film from shower walls and outdoor windows. While everyone’s in the midst of college basketball madness, encourage kids of all ages in your household to take the laundry container to each room, and shoot and score with those socks, slippers and stuffed animals left on the couch!

3. Get everyone involved to save your sanity! This isn’t a job anyone should do on their own if you have roommates, kids or a significant other. Turn on some fun music. iTunes radio has so many stations including iTunes Weekly Top 50 – Pop, Country, Alternative, Rock and several options under Decades, as well, to name a few upbeat stations to help keep everyone’s energy and mood up! Kids as young as four years old are capable of pulling out a trash bag from a small waste can and six year olds love to sweep! Download a free kid’s chore chart and customize it with the tasks you need help with!