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3 Ways to Save Time Studying

Do you (or your kids) have a big exam coming up? Make the most out of your study sessions and improve your academic performance with these three ways to help you save time studying:

save time studying

1. Steer clear of cramming. We’re all familiar with this situation: it’s the middle of the night and you’ve barely prepared for a test that’s just a couple hours away. This is not good! Trying to cram a ton of information when it’s crunch time is incredibly inefficient. To avoid this, try to slowly interlink ideas as they come to you. This will transform your studying into a quick recap, rather than your first attempt at learning the material.

2. Understanding > Memorizing. The west way to be prepared for a test is to fully understand all of the material. This allows you to jump between sections and explain the connections between key concepts, as well as reference one idea to explain another. A great way to accomplish this is to take meticulous notes in class so that you understand what your teacher finds most important. Then, to get a full grasp on the concept, go back through your textbook and connect the dots!

3. Don’t waste your time being a perfectionist. There’s a big difference between having gorgeous notes and having complete notes. Rather than focusing on making your notes as neat and prestine as possible, try to focus on what exactly it is you are writing down. Your end goal is to capture all the information your teacher deems the most critical, so don’t feel like your notes have to look perfect!

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