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3 Ways to Save Time Traveling

Do you wish you could teleport? If so, we’re unfortunately not aware of anyone doing it successfully. And until it exists, we’ll have to continue using conventional travel to arrive at our final destinations. To make traveling a little easier on you, we put together three time-saving techniques that will ensure a quicker trip…

Don’t use an international airport. Go regional! Just because there are more flights out of international airports doesn’t mean you have to use them. Flying out of small airports can save you a lot of time and grief. The security lines are shorter, there’s not as much traffic, parking is less of a hassle, and check-in is a breeze!

Pre-program your GPS. There is a very cool feature on almost all GPS devices that allows you to program your entire trip in a “favorites” section. By doing this, all of your stops will be planned out ahead of time, and you can eliminate the need to punch in addresses on the road.

Try traveling during “shoulder season.” Many are familiar with peak travel season, and off-season, but what about shoulder season? Shoulder season is in between the two and features the less-expensive flights and accommodations of the off-season, while still featuring the favorable weather of the peak travel season. So if you’re looking to avoid high costs, big crowds, and hurricanes, we suggest traveling during this time!

Have a time saving travel tip of your own? Tell us in the comments section below.

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