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5 Tips on Getting Organized for Back to School

The time has come and your kids are back to school, and you’re wondering “should I be better prepared for this?” The answer is yes. Below are five tips that will make your life much easier and better prepare you for your kids being back in school.

  1. Create a Storage System

Clean your coat closet and entryway to create space for your kids to store all of their belongings, including jackets, sports and music equipment, backpacks and other school gear. We know that kids often come home and throw their stuff everywhere, creating a tornado like result. However, it’s important that all of their stuff gets put in a specific place, even if it’s you that is putting it there!

  1. Organize School Materials

Your kids come home with a bunch of papers handed out in class, sometimes crumpled up, and hardly organized. It’s okay, we have a solution for how to keep these organized. First you must understand that there are typically two types of papers, those that require action, and those that are to be used for future reference. Purchase a binder for each one of your kids, label it with their name, and create two sections: “To Do” and “Reference.” Get into a routine of collecting their papers and placing them into the appropriate section. This way, your dog will never have to “eat your homework.”

  1. Utilize the Dry Erase Board

To make sure everyone knows each other’s schedule, hang up a dry-erase calendar board and place it near the kids gear. This is a fun DIY project, and will help keep everyone on the same page. It will also help you avoid the question “where’s little Johnny?”

  1. Make Sure Kids Keep Up on Household Chores

Going back to school is a big change, for both kids and parents. However, you don’t want your kids to look at it as a free pass from doing their chores. A great way to organize your children’s chore list, and make sure they are completed is by using the Molly Maid Chore Charts!

chore chart

  1. Evening Preparation & Organization

A great way to save time in the morning is by getting organized the night before. Help your kids choose their outfits, for the next day and lay everything out, from jackets to socks. Also try packing up their lunches a day in advance. Getting in a disciplined routine of this will help hinder the all-too-familiar early morning scramble!

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