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Homemade Cleaning Products for Your Home, Kitchen & Bathroom

Scrubbing a stain on the carpet“I’ll just get it next time at the store.”

How many times have you said that to yourself for cleaning products you need for your house? The next time you find a stain, and are not equipped with the right cleaning products, remember our DIY homemade cleaning remedies for the home.

Here are a few DIY tips for keeping your home spotless and sanitized:

1. Cleaning Mystery Stains Out of Your Carpet: You know those dark little circles that seem to mysteriously appear on your carpet, no matter how hard you try to keep it clean? We have the perfect solution for eliminating those and bringing your carpet back to a perfect state! Say goodbye to buying or renting a huge steam cleaner and use your iron to get these out. All you need is a spray bottle, water, white vinegar, a cloth, and your iron. Spray the stained area with the solution of two parts water and one part vinegar, take the iron and press down firmly (on steam setting) for about 30 – 45 seconds. If necessary, you can repeat these steps if the stain is stubborn. Otherwise, this should eliminate all of those stains you thought you could never remove!

2. How to Eliminate Water Ring Stains on Your Wood Surfaces: Sadly, when you have guests over or kids running around the house, people tend to forget to use coasters. Unfortunately, the end result of this careless mistake is usually having a table top ruined with water rings. However, don’t fear, there is a fix! Surprisingly, the combat tool is a blow dryer. Hold a blow dryer on the effected area for 20 – 28 minutes ( more or less depending on how bad the ring is). After about 20 minutes, the stain should be gone! Lastly, put a little olive oil on the wood to keep it moisturized. The results should be beautiful!

3. Erase Hard Water Stains with a Lemon:If you have chrome fixtures in your kitchen and bathroom, you have probably run into the problem of having hard water stains that eventually dull out the chrome. Cut a lemon in half and scrub the surface with the lemon halves. This also works on areas in the shower or sink that are rusted from razor blades or bobby pins. The citric acid from the lemon cuts through and eliminates those stains! Try it for yourself to find out!

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