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Vacuuming: Carpets Last Longer with Regularly Scheduled Cleaning

You vacuum the carpet in your home weekly and spot clean as needed. That should be enough to keep it looking good and lasting for many years, right? Not necessarily. Regular professional cleaning removes dirt and debris your vacuum cannot reach, which keeps it from damaging your carpet over time.

Clean Carpet to Extend Its Life

A variety of substances get carried into your home by shoes, paws, clothes and even the air. Dirt alone does a significant amount of damage to your carpet. The abrasive matter actually cuts carpet fibers, causing wear and tear and shortening the amount of time it will look and feel like it did upon installation.

At-home cleaning products you use also can damage carpet, as they leave behind residue that actually attracts dirt, speeding up that aging process. Carpet should last three to five years in an average household of two to four people, with that lifespan reduced without regular professional cleaning. If you have pets, expect even fewer years without professional help.

Don’t Assume Your Carpet Is Clean

In addition to dirt, other substances enter the home uninvited, including pollen, fungus, pollution and bacterial. You cannot see them on the carpet, but they are there in the fibers and pad. Dust mites also settle on the floor.

All of these potential allergens can affect the health of those living in your home. If a family member has an allergy to any, symptoms can range from the mild runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing to the more severe cough, congestion and sinus headache. Dust mites can even cause asthma in those with a serious allergy.

A consumer-level vacuum with a HEPA filter can help to remove many of these substances but not all. The equipment a professional carpet cleaner brings to your home has the ability to get the job done.

Set a Carpet Cleaning Schedule

canister-vacuum-cleanerHow often you get your carpet professionally cleaned depends on your household. Experts suggest every nine months if you have children and/or pets in the home, with that frequency increasing to six months if you have a large family or pets with housetraining issues. Otherwise, annual cleanings should suffice. Also check the warranty on any newly installed carpet as it may require a certain schedule to keep it valid.

If you have a large home with certain rooms and hallways getting more foot traffic than others, you may decide to get that carpet cleaned more often than the areas that get used less. Again, be sure to check your warranty and do at least the minimum required in those rooms.

In between cleanings, experts recommend regular vacuuming using a high-quality appliance appropriate for your home. (Check out our Best Vacuum Cleaners | Choosing the Right Canister or Upright post for help finding the right vacuum.) Just as with how often you get your carpet professionally cleaned, what counts as “regular” vacuuming for your home depends on who lives there. Vacuum once a week at the minimum, upping the frequency as needed. Always treat stains and spills immediately to avoid them setting in and becoming more difficult to remove.

To get this chore done more quickly, check out the tips in our 3 Ways to Save Time Vacuuming post.

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