Make House Cleaning a Routine in Your Home

A toddler crouched on the floor using a small brush and dustpan to sweep. Photo cred: Jessica Lucia on Flickr.

Whether you live alone, are a modern day version of the Brady Bunch or somewhere in between, establishing a house cleaning routine will keep your home looking great and your sanity intact!

Happiness and habits guru Gretchen Rubin recently released a new book, Better Than Before, which aims to help readers finally be successful at incorporating habits. Molly Maid sends Rubin a high five as changing is not as easy as making a resolution on January 1.

Our home service professionals have developed some house cleaning routines that have stood the test of time, and we’re more than happy to share so you can enjoy less clutter, fewer missed areas and more time to do something other than clean your house.

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Clear the clutter

  1. Do you have a table, couch or bench inside your door that collects mail and random papers? If so, brainstorm a neat landing pad for the miscellaneous items in your home. A quick search on Pinterest produced simple solutions to corral this type of clutter. When you have a designated space for items entering your space daily, you will enjoy cleaner living.
  2. For five minutes each night, grab an empty laundry basket and walk through your home’s hotspots. Gather shoes, toys and dishes and quickly return them to their respective resting spots.

Don’t miss a mess

  1. Molly Maid knows how to tackle a large cleaning task without missing commonly forgotten spaces like baseboards, tops of shower enclosures and ceiling fan blades. By regularly cleaning a room from top to bottom and left to right instead of starting in the middle of the space, you will see dust, build-up and grime you may have missed in the past!
  2. When you have said yes to more requests than you should, it’s time to get others involved to tackle the chores. A house cleaning checklist is a perfect place to begin and whether it’s housemates or a professional house cleaning service like Molly Maid, you can divide and conquer rooms and tasks to ensure bathrooms, kitchens and bed linens are cleaned regularly.

Have you cleaned your iron? Here’s an easy way to do it:

Happy cleaning!