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Stop Stepping on Toys with Creative Toy Storage Ideas

Raising children can be one of the most fulfilling jobs in the world. But with kids, comes toys–and often times, a great multitude of toys. Although toys and books can be great educational resources for little ones, finding a creative toy storage solution that works for you and your children can be a difficult and frustrating task. To overcome this major organizational obstacle, we have put together a few of our favorite DIY toy storage solutions so you can stop stepping on toys.

As soon as you think you have one mess cleaned up, another seems to appear. Keep in mind that maintaining a perfectly picked-up house full of toys may be unrealistic, but managing the mess is completely reasonable.

Sort and store toys up high. Packing away the majority of your kid’s toys and storing them up high will reduce the amount of toys available to them. Rotate boxes, so the kids feel like they are getting a new set of toys each day. They will be excited and interested to play with toys they haven’t seen in a while. Also, if your kids ask for a specific box of toys, make sure they pack up and trade one box before they receive the next set. This will give your little ones the chance to practice cleaning and organizational skills.

Create storage solutions that are simple enough for your youngest one to contribute. This way you’ll feel comfortable assigning them “pick-up” duty and holding them accountable for their own toys. Try attaching a shoe organizer to the back of your kids’ bedroom door and using it as an organizer for small toys like barbies, action figures or matchbox cars. Keeping books where kids can see them will encourage them to read, which is why we love this creative DIY book holderLink opens in a new tab made out of wooden crates.

Hide toy storage from guests: toy storage doesn’t have to make every room look like a playroom. Try building or purchasing storage options that blend in with your home’s style, like this awesomeDIY bench with built-in storageLink opens in a new tab. This will keep toys out of sight and out of mind when you have guests over. For something simpler, check out this DIY basket storageLink opens in a new tab solution made out of bookshelves!

The sheer amount of toys that seem to accompany kids may be overwhelming, but with our DIY toy storage suggestions, you’ll stop stepping on toys and start enjoying playtime with the kids.

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