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Photo cred: Romana Correale on Flickr.

How to Clean (And Lighten Up!) Your Purse

A woman’s purse can tell you many things about her. Almost everything she’ll use today, tomorrow and probably the rest of the month can be found in that bag. Men can get away with a simple bi-fold wallet, but women end up carrying a small suitcase — why is that? The difference here is the need to be prepared for any given situation. Whether it’s a broken nail, dry hands or an unexpected migraine, us women feel the need to be ready to handle anything that might be thrown at us. We save all receipts “just in case” and always have tissue for anyone around us who might sneeze. This reason alone is why the purse tends to be the hardest place to keep clean. In honor of all the moms and busy working women out there, here are five tips to clean and lighten your purse to help you keep up with on-the-go demands of life.

  1. Remove any items you haven’t used in the past five days. Chances are, if you haven’t used that cold medicine at the bottom of your bag in the past week, you won’t be needing it today either. Toss it out and keep the miscellaneous stuff at the bottom of your bag to a minimum.
  2. Check for duplicates: Consider whether or not you need two types of Chap Stick, hand lotions or pens. You’ll be surprised at the amount of extras you have. Remember: Only put pens in your purse that have caps. This will help you avoid an ink disaster!
  3. Switch to travel size items: Instead of carrying around a full size bottle of lotion, switch to a travel size to lighten up your bag. Refill the smaller bottle with your favorite cream once you start running low. In addition, if you like to keep a brush with you, use a compact foldable brush to save space.
  4. Keep shoe bags and pouches handy to extend the life of your handbag: If you’re like many city dwellers who walk to work, you probably have an extra pair of athletic shoes with you. Keep items like shoes and cosmetics in shoe bags to keep them from getting the inside of your purse dirty. You can throw the shoe bag in the washing machine much easier than trying to clean makeup stains from your purse liner.
  5. Manage the bottomless pit with an organizer: There are hundreds of purse organizers out there that will become a lifesaver. Avoid that “bottomless pit” of a bag by having a place for everything. Instead of frantically digging through your bag for your keys or cell phone, you’ll have a pocket for everything important. See Amazon’s list of purse organizers hereLink opens in a new tab.

With these five tips in hand, you’ll be able to tackle every day with confidence by keeping your purse clean and light! Have a purse cleaning tip of your own? Tell us in the comments section below! For more organization and cleaning ideas from the house cleaning experts at Molly Maid, visit our Cleaning Institute.