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Molly Maid Franchisees Ray and Martha Pillar Give Through Ms. Molly

Ray and Martha Pillar joined the Molly Maid system in November 2003 and since the very beginning have remained passionate about two things: Molly Maid and raising support for victims of domestic violence.

For potential customers of MOLLY MAID of Aurora-Naperville Area, they learn about the Ms. Molly Foundation as Martha Pillar performs the in-home estimate. The Pillars know giving back to their community is good for business; however, Ray Pillar said the real motivation comes from letting people affected by domestic violence know help is out there.

“It’s amazing how many people don’t know domestic violence shelters or agencies are available for themselves, friends or relatives,” said Ray Pillar who said past employees and customers alike needed support.

The Pillars donate a portion of every cleaning the Ms. Molly Foundation, and are currently contribute the highest per clean amount in the Molly Maid system. Their generosity may be one of the reasons their sales consistently rank among the top 11 franchise locations and are experiencing revenue growth upward of 23% compared to 2014.

“The Ms. Molly Foundation is one of the big reasons we chose a Molly Maid franchise, so we have been involved since the beginning! We looked at other business concepts, however, our criteria had to be a franchise with a benevolent organization. We feel that we are blessed and we need to share that blessing with other people,” said Ray Pillar.

Before becoming a Molly Maid franchise owner, Ray Pillar was a member of the Jaycees, and their organization volunteered at a local safehouse.

“We had to fix a door that had been violently kicked in. It let me see the physical aspects of violence, which really affected me,” said Ray Pillar.

The Pillars’ franchise supports Mutual Ground Link opens in a new tab, a domestic violence agency who provides emergency shelter, a 24-hour crisis hotline and on-going support for victims in the Aurora / Naperville area.

“When we started the business, I’d be the one doing estimates, and I’d talk about Ms. Molly. Sometimes, customers would ask for some additional information for a sister, neighbor, or maybe for themselves. I didn’t pry; I just passed along information about the shelter,” said Ray Pillar.

Mutual Ground provides services to about 1,500 victims of domestic violence and sexual assault each year. They also teach prevention in 1,750 classrooms a year and respond to more than 1,500 calls to their emergency hotline every month.

Employees at MOLLY MAID of Aurora-Naperville wear the official color of National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (purple) throughout October. He said the team loves supporting this cause and the shirts give them the opportunity to talk about the Ms. Molly Foundation with customers.

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