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Poll: Who’s Your Favorite Maid from TV & Film?

It’s Monday evening and you have family visiting this weekend—but your house is an absolute mess. Your bookshelves are coated in dust and you can’t remember the last time you ran the vacuum cleaner. You take a peek at your bathroom to find your shower veiled in soap scum. If only you had a maid.

In another life you’d ring a bell and assistance would come, but who would it be? Would it be Alice from The Brady Bunch, with her sharp attitude, or Florence from The Jeffersons, with her witty comedy?

Maids have been a staple of American television and film for decades, spicing up sitcoms with clever jokes (Bertha, Two and a Half Men) or warming audiences’ hearts with desperate acts of love (Mrs. Doubtfire). Molly Maid wants to know: Who’s your favorite maid character? If you could ring a bell, who’d you want to help around the house?

Choose from our list of famous television and movie maid characters below! Share on Facebook or Twitter to see who your friends would pick.

Maids have been a dream of many Americans for generations; having others clean up after you is often looked at as a luxury—that’s why they’re often featured in wealthy settings and monstrous mansions. But in reality, you don’t need a full staff to have some help around the house. Click here to find out more about our cleaning services.