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Toilet Technique: How to Clean a Toilet

Three million. That’s the number of bacteria per square inch in a toilet bowl. Every time it’s flushed, those germs spew into the air – eek! That’s a good reason to put those toothbrushes away, and to have a weekly schedule to clean the toilet.

If that stat has you freaked out, you can always hire a local Molly Maid or call 888-583-6490 for a free  home cleaning estimate! Or you can follow our guide. After cleaning millions of toilets, we’ve got it down to a science, and it should only take about three minutes after gathering the supplies. Your backside will thank you.

Prep. You’ll need the following supplies:

  • Toilet bowl cleaner*
  • Toilet brush
  • All-purpose cleaner or disinfectant
  • Paper towels or microfiber towels
  • Rubber gloves
  • Optional: Toothbrush (one designated for toilet cleaning, nothing else!)

*Note: If you prefer homemade alternatives, you can try baking soda and lemon juice. If you prefer effervescence action, try baking soda and tea tree oil and then add white vinegar for the bubbles.

Minute One. Open the lid and squirt the toilet bowl cleaner inside the bowl around the rim. Close the lid. Spray all-purpose cleaner or disinfectant all over the bowl.

Minute Two. Grab the paper towels and wipe down the back of the toilet, handle, top of the lid, inside of the lid and around the base. You can also use microfiber towels which are very effective at picking up lint and germs if you don’t mind washing them.

Minute Three. Open the lid again and use the toilet brush to scrub around the inside of the rim and all around the bowl. Flush the toilet and rinse the toilet brush. Close the lid with the brush hanging over the lid and let dry.

Optional. If you want the toilet seat hinges really clean, take a toothbrush and scrub around them.

When you come back to remove the toilet brush later, spray a little room fragrance in the toilet bowl and close the lid. It will be nice and fresh for your next visit.

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