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5 Messes Only a Baby Could Make

Babies are mess machines. Sometimes, they are very creative mess machines—like the time you found a peanut butter and jelly sandwich in your shoes. They grab and they spill, they smear and they stain. They leave parents wondering, where have those fingers been? And where are they going next? But when it’s your kid, even the messiest encounters are at least a little bit, dare we say, adorable.

We polled our Molly Maid staff to come up with the Top 5 Messes Only a Baby Could Make. This blog is partly a warning to new parents, but also reassurance that no matter how much damage your little bundle of joy causes, you will one day cherish those precious memories—almost as much as your cherish a clean house!

Baby Mess #1: Wall of Spaghetti – Baby’s first bowl of spaghetti is a rite of passage. Similar to baby’s first birthday cake, it’s supposed to be messy. The only difference is that it’s much harder to clean. New parents always have the camera ready, but not the cleaning supplies. Still to this day, a grease stain on the wall and caked-on tomato sauce commemorate the scene of baby’s first high-flying spaghetti dinner.

Baby Mess #2: Crayons on the Wall – To kids, every wall is a blank canvas. If you’re lucky, you’ll catch little Rembrandt before he completes his masterpiece. If you’re really lucky, you never liked that old wallpaper anyways.

Baby Mess #3: Juice on the Couch – No matter how spill-proof a bottle or sippy cup claims to be, your child is 100% not spill-proof. One parent recalls the horror she felt while watching her little one dive juice-first into their white over-stuffed sofa.

Baby Mess #4: Dog Food Party – Babies are like sponges, but not the clean kind. One mom remembers the time her tot tried to feed the dog dinner, just like mom and dad. The floor was absolutely covered in kibbles as the pup proceeded to eat himself sick. But he didn’t eat all of the dog food. Baby was right there to help.

Baby Mess #5: Spit-Up Shower – There are few things more adorable than a child’s laughter as she is hoisted into the air over mommy or daddy’s head. What could possibly ruin such a sweet moment? You probably guessed it – projectile vomit in her mother’s hair, face, mouth and all over the sofa. Lesson: Don’t hoist baby after mealtime.

Now It’s Your Turn

What about you!? We want to hear about the time your baby made a mess that made you want to laugh and cry at the same time. Please share your story in the comments below or on our Facebook post. Our favorite stories will be retold in an upcoming animated series! Please include lots of details.

Time heals all wounds. In time, we can all laugh at the time your youngest tried to paint the dog purple. Time does not, however, clean all messes. If you need help cleaning up after your kiddo, or just want some more free time to spend with them, contact your local Molly Maid or call(800) 654-9647 to learn more about our flexible cleaning programs.