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Top Manly Messes & How to Prevent Them

Men are messy. And although you may love your man, his cleaning habits (or lack of) can drive you absolutely mad! Whiskers in the sink, empty toilet paper roll, dirty socks in the family room, dishes in the sink, the list is endless. In this blog, we will talk about the top manly messes and what you can do to prevent them. Listed below are some of the top manly messes with potential solutions!

Leaving dishes in the sink….or elsewhere.

I’m sure if you had a dollar for every time your man left a dish in the sink, you would have enough money to buy brand new kitchenware….or maybe even another house! As we all know, dishes can also be left on the kitchen table, living room, or even bedroom.

Solution – On average, bad habits take roughly a month to change. Our advice would be to have your man be on “dish duty” for a month to see how frustrating it is to clean dishes that sit out for a long time after use. He may then see the importance of doing a light wash prior to putting the dish in the sink or loading the dish directly in the dishwasher.

Overflowing trash 

You trash can is full and opposed to taking it out, your man says, “There is still some room in there.” Then proceeds to smash the trash further down with his fist. Stop it and just take the trash out!

Solution – When the trash can is full, simply tie up the bag while it is still in the trash can. At that point, he has no choice but to take it out.

Hair Trimmings in the sink

Your man shaves and….you know the rest.

Solution – Use a towel to cover the sink to make for easy clean up. All your man has to do is simply dump the shaved hair into the trash can. Very minimal work.

Junky Kitchen Countertops or Table

Whether it is mail or pizza boxes, men leave things on the kitchen countertops and tables.

Solution – Set a designated area for mail or other important belongings. If that doesn’t work, then throw everything on the counter and/or table away. After going through the trash to find stuff, he will learn to put things away!

The Clothes Debacle

It seems like since the beginning of time, men have been known to throw socks and shirts on the floor in various rooms in the house, usually right next to the hamper!  There is also the mountain of dirty clothes a man accumulates in the bedroom too.

Solution – Similar to the last solution, create a designated area for clothes to go. You can make it fun by getting a basketball hoop. Those work for boys of all ages!

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