National Clean Your Room Day

Woman standing in messy bedroom with cleaning supplies

Molly Maid President Meg Roberts appeared on Fox & Friends to share tips for National Clean Your Room Day on May 10th.

Getting your kids to clean their rooms shouldn’t be such a challenge! Here are five easy room cleaning tips to get kids involved while having fun in the process!

Before you begin, create a well laid plan or download Molly Maid’s Kid’s Chore Chart.

  1. Create Hidden Storage by saying “No to Monsters under the bed!”
  • Have kids look under the bed for monsters! If there aren’t any monsters under the bed, lift bed corners and insert bed risers to elevate the bed. Pack storage bins with board games, puzzles, cards and sleepover gear underneath. This will keep future monsters out for sure!
  1. Make it Simple for Kids to Help
  • Eliminate the top sheet to make it easier for your child to make his/her bed. Top sheets get easily twisted and bunched up which can make this chore more difficult for little hands. By removing the top sheet your child can simply pull up the comforter and place pillows on their bed.
  • Create easy to understand or color-coded storage for toys so each has its own place. As an example, stuffed animals can take up a lot of space, so having a proper place to put them when they are not being played with is ideal.
    • Stuffed animals — green cloth drawer
    • Cars & Trucks — Blue cloth drawer
    • Sports equipment — Wire bin
  1. Make Cleaning a Game!
    • Dirty Laundry Basketball. Here’s how to play:
      • Double stack identical laundry baskets. Have kids pick up dirty socks and shirts and shoot hoops into the top basket. Remove the filled basket and leave the empty one for the next game. Keep track of points to see who wins. Shots from further away are worth more points!
    • A race against the clock. Here’s how to play:
      • Set a stop watch or kitchen timer to a pre-determined amount of time (example 30 sec). Challenge kids to return toys to their bins within that designated time limit. If they complete the task before time runs out, they earn points. Points can be used towards a reward at the end of the week.
  1. Closet Clutter Busters
    • Use different colored hangers and hanging cubbies to organize the week’s outfits.
      1. Example Red Hanger = Monday, Blue Hanger = Tuesday etc. …
      2. If using a vertical hanging cubby, the top cubby = Monday and kids can work their way down for each day of the week. On the weekends, have kids help fill their cubbies for the upcoming week.
  1. Dissect a Disastrous Desk: Clear desk, clear mind.
    • Kids can help keep items organized with proper storage space. Remember, an organized home begins with a plan. Place crayons, markers, erasers and glue sticks in small shower caddy. This way, they are easily accessible and have a home when not in use.
    • Place paper and coloring books in small bins or an empty paper gift box.

If you’re still having trouble getting the kids to clean, contact your local Molly Maid to learn more about our flexible cleaning programs!