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How to Clean a Cast Iron Skillet

A heavy-duty cast iron skillet is a home cook’s best friend – except when it’s time to clean it. Eggs, potatoes, sauces, onions and other food often stick to the bottom of the skillet. When it comes to cast iron, you can’t just recklessly scrub with some soap and a pad of steel wool. No, there are rules to follow.

  • Do not use dish soap
  • Do not use steel wool
  • Do not put the skillet in the dishwasher

You’ll want to rinse the skillet in water immediately after you’re done using it. Use a sponge or a stiff brush to work away food that is burnt on. Instead of soap or cleaner, use coarse salt for extra scrubbing power.

Once all the food worked off, rinse the skillet and dry completely. Lightly season the skillet by rubbing grapeseed oil on the surface with a paper towel. Then store the skillet upside down – this is important!

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