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Messes Only a Man Could Make

If you’ve ever lived with a man, doesn’t matter what age he is, you have become familiar with some of his habits. Not all men are messy, but for those who are, they repeatedly make the same messes over and over again – socks by the couch, whiskers in the sink, etc. You know what we’re saying. Watch the video below to see some of our favorite manly messes.

You’re tired of picking up after him. You’re even more tired of telling him pick up after himself. Let Molly Maid help. Call your local Molly Maid today to discuss our flexible cleaning options. We have the right plan for your cleaning needs, schedule and budget.

If you just so happen to be the messy man in the house, consider buying a Molly Maid gift certificate for the special person in your life who tolerates your manly messes! And start picking up after yourself.