How to Make the Perfect Bed

A well-made bed with assorted pillows
The bed is the centerpiece of your bedroom. To help yours look great, start with the right mattress and furniture. Then take the time to make your bed each day. Not sure how to make the perfect bed? Just follow these tips.

Buy a Mattress & Bedroom Furniture

It’s easy to see what sets magazine-quality bedrooms apart from the rest — they have all the right furniture! Make sure the focal point of your bedroom has the following parts to make it beautiful and functional:

  • Bed frame to lift the bed off the floor
  • Twin, Double, Queen, or King-size mattress with matching box spring to stabilize the bed and give it more height
  • Headboard and footboard to anchor the bed and make it appear grand

How to Make the Bed

Remember to complete this task each morning as one of your finishing touches to a clean home. Then, change the sheets once a week so you always have a clean, sanitary place to sleep.

Here’s how to make the perfect bed:

  • Dust ruffle: Start with a dust ruffle for a put-together look. Also called a bed skirt, this feature hides the box spring and anything you store under the bed. Some dust ruffles resemble a sheet that covers the box spring and hangs over the sides. Others are a wrap-around style with elastic to hold them to the box spring.
  • Mattress topper: If you have an older mattress or you want to create the feel of a pillow top without the cost, place a foam or gel topper on the bed.
  • Mattress cover: Protect your mattress from unexpected spills and accidents with a waterproof pad. Wash this each week with the rest of your bedding.
  • Fitted sheet: Put a fitted sheet over the mattress, topper, and cover to protect them. The elastic edges ensure the fitted sheet stays in place despite all your tossing and turning.
  • Flat sheet: Add a flat sheet with the “good” side facing down, since this is the side that will make contact with your body. Position the wide seam at the head of the bed and lay the sheet evenly over the mattress. For a clean look, make hospital corners at the foot of the bed. First, tuck the hanging fabric under the mattress. Then, grab the sheet hanging over the side and lift it on top of the bed. Tuck the hanging corner that remains neatly under the mattress. Lastly, tuck in the final portion of the sheet to create a tidy look. Repeat on the other corner.
  • Extra blanket: Line the flat sheet with a throw blanket for added warmth in the winter.
  • Comforter, duvet, or quilt: Add a fluffy top layer for warmth and coziness. If you have a thin, lightweight quilt, you can make hospital corners with this as well. It’s your decision whether to leave the comforter and the flat sheet pulled up or to fold them down as you might find in a hotel room.
  • Pillows: Finish off the perfect bed by piling on assorted pillows. Start with oversized pillows leaning against the headboard. Then, add pillows in decorative sham cases. Style your sleeping pillows and a few decorative throw pillows in front.

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