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How to Quickly Clean a Slow Cooker

It’s slow cooker season! Whether it’s chili, stew, pasta or cheese dip, some of the most popular slow cooker recipes are also the hardest to clean. Want the convenience of the slow cooker without the inconvenience of caked-on food? We’re here to help.Slow cooker on countertop

Here’s how to clean a slow cooker with less effort:

1. Remove all the cooked food before dinner is served (or right after you’re done eating) and store it in glass containers. This keeps the food from hardening on the inside.

2. Fill the slow cooker with soapy water, plug it in and turn it on “low” for one hour.

3. Turn off, unplug and use baking soda and a sponge to easily scrub away any stubborn spots, rinse and done.

As kitchen cleaning experts, we know more than one way to clean a slow cooker. Here are some other approaches that are relatively quick and easy. Pick the method that you like best and share your experience on our Facebook page!

• Check to see if your slow cooker is dishwasher safe. It is? Go for it.
• Use a slow cooker liner. The downside is that slow-cooking in plastic might leech chemicals into the food. So, for the same reason, it’s not recommended to microwave food in plastic containers, we recommend not using them. But do they make cleanup easy? Yes, they do.
• If your slow cooker develops hard water stains (white mineral deposits) over time, sponge those away with a mix of vinegar and dish soap. If the stains are stubborn, use a paste made with water and baking soda. It’ll look like new.

Let Molly Maid help

Along with making great-tasting food, slow cookers save so much time, right? We’re experts at saving homeowners time with weekly or monthly and household cleanings. Contact your local Molly Maid or call (800) 654-9647 to ask about home cleaning services that meet your schedule, budget and cleaning needs – and enjoy more free time than ever! Maybe some more time to try a new slow cooker recipe?