Crystal Clear Mirror Cleaning Tips

Woman cleaning a bathroom mirror with a cotton swab
If you’re too distracted by streaks and lint during your morning mirror, mirror on the wall routine, we have some easy mirror cleaning tips for you! Keeping the bathroom clean can be a chore, but taking the time to keep this room sparkling is worth the oohs and ahhs of guests who can appreciate its challenge. If you’re wondering how to clean a mirror, use our simple tips and create a DIY glass cleaning solution for an impressive shine every time:

Mirror Cleaning Tips

Mirrors, and bathroom mirrors in particular, may accumulate sticky types of buildup. Your powder room vanity mirrors may collect emissions and debris from shower steam, water splashes and personal care products, like hairspray, cologne, toothpaste, makeup and more.

To clean away even the most challenging bathroom mirror residue, use these simple tips:

  • If the mirror is dusty, wipe off the dust with a clean dust cloth.
  • Spot-clean water drops or toothpaste spots with a cotton swab, dipped in rubbing alcohol.
  • Spray on the glass cleaning product of your choice.

DIY Glass Cleaning Solution

  • Add one part of vinegar to four parts warm water in a bowl or bucket. (White vinegar is preferred.) Vinegar can also help clean away bacteria from your mirror’s surface.
  • Mix in a tiny drop of dish soap, if your mirror is very dirty.
  • Spray the mirror with the vinegar mixture.
  • Wipe the mirrored surface with a microfiber cloth, coffee filter or newspaper for a clean and lint-free mirror free of streaks.

If your whole bathroom needs help, we have 10 steps to clean a bathroom fast and efficiently and your complete list of bathroom cleaning supplies for your reference.

If you need help keeping your home clean on a regular basis or before or after a special event, professional housecleaning may be your answer! Contact your local Molly Maid today!