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10 Reasons to Save Old Toothbrushes

Hold it right there. Before you toss that old toothbrush out for a replacement, consider what other purposes it can serve. In addition to making your teeth shine, it can also make your house shine. That little brush is handy for all sorts of cleaning tasks that involve cracks, crevices, and hard-to-reach places. We recommend keeping at least one old toothbrush with your cleaning supplies. You know, just in case…

Top 10 Old Toothbrush Uses:

  1. Clean caked-on mud off shoes – Once mud dries on your shoes, use an old toothbrush to scrub the soles to remove stubborn dirt in the treads.
  2. Scrub hard-to-reach places on household appliances – A toothbrush is perfect for cleaning the rubber seals on your refrigerator where mold can grow. Just use a diluted bleach and water solution and scrub away.
  3. Clean door and window tracks – Use a toothbrush in combination with the vacuum to loosen up dirt. Your doors and windows will open and close effortlessly.
  4. Clean your pets’ teeth – Your pets don’t like mint! Use baking soda or pet-specific toothpaste.
  5. Clean jewelry – Depending on its condition, most jewelry can be cleaned with dish soap and water, vinegar or even toothpaste!
  6. Clean dirty nails – Keeping the brush next to the kitchen sink will make it easy to scrub your nails after a dirty job.
  7. Clean grout – Use the toothbrush to scrub the grout after applying hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, or grout cleaner.
  8. Clean between keys on a computer keyboard – A can of compressed air and a toothbrush make quick work of a dirty keyboard.
  9. Scrub stains out of clothing – Wet the brush first and use to remove embedded stains.
  10. Clean a coffee grinder – Keep the toothbrush dry to release any small coffee grounds in the blades. You can also use the brush to scrub hard water residue in your coffee maker by dipping it in vinegar.

What do you do with your old toothbrush? Let us know in the comments below. And if you just don’t have the time to scrub every crack and crevice in your home, contact your local Molly Maid or call (800) 654-9647 to discuss a custom cleaning plan that fits your busy schedule, budget and cleaning needs. That way, you’ll have more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love. You might even have time to run out and get a new toothbrush!