Tips for Washing Dishes After a Big Party

White dishes in a kitchen sink with soapy water and the faucet turned on
The holidays are a popular time to host house parties. It’s fun to laugh, joke, and reminisce together, but once the guests leave, it’s up to you to clean up. One of the biggest chores is tackling all those dirty dishes! You could use paper products to cut back on cleanup time, but that might not be appropriate for a formal holiday dinner party.

If the dishwasher is already running, and you still have dirty plates and cups piled on the counter — or, heaven forbid, you don’t have a dishwasher at all — these tips for washing dishes by hand will help the process go quickly and smoothly. Grab a handful of helpers and organize your assembly line — it’s time to wash some dishes!

Tips for Washing Dishes by Hand

  • Fill the sink or a large basin with warm soapy water. Dish soap with grease-cutting power is ideal for this job. If you can, choose brand-name soap over a generic product for better results.
  • If you have a double sink, fill the other side with cold water for rinsing. This cuts down on water usage by skipping the open tap to rinse dishes. Add one to three teaspoons of bleach to the rinse water for sanitizing power.
  • Recruit three other people to help you. The first person scrapes plates into the trash and sets them in the warm soapy water to soak. The second person scrubs dishes with a netting-covered sponge or scrub brush. The third person dips the plates in the rinse water and dries them with a soft, clean towel. The fourth person puts the dishes away.

Congratulations — you just cleaned a whole stack of dishes in record time!

If you don’t have anyone to help you, start by scraping all the plates and setting what will fit in the warm soapy water to soak. Scrub, rinse, and set dishes on a drying rack. Once everything is clean, you can dry dishes with a towel and put them away or allow them to air dry for a few hours before stacking them back in the cupboards.

Check out our video to help figure out how to clean a cookie sheet:

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