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How to Make Cleanup Time Fun for Kids

It’s every parent’s dream to have children who are willing to do chores. After all, it makes sense to enlist help from those who made the mess in the first place. Unfortunately, even at this young age, your kids recognize that chores aren’t fun. Don’t get stuck doing all the work yourself – learn some effective ways to make cleanup fun, so your children are more willing to lend a hand.

Plan an Age-Appropriate Chore Chart

Before you attempt any cleaning with kids, make sure you’re asking them to do age-appropriate tasks. Take each child’s capabilities into account when making your chore charts. Print out a kid’s chore charts with common jobs listed for a typical five- to seven-year-old. You can also print blank charts and fill them out to create your own customized version.

Make it a Contest

Use your kids’ competitive sides to make cleanup fun! Formulate basic rules for the contest, such as giving them bags and seeing who can pick up the most stuff in 60 seconds. The winner gets a prize. To prevent bitter feelings, consider offering a small reward for every item cleaned or picked up, such as a piece of candy or $.25 to put in their piggy bank.

Create Pickup Categories

When tidying up the living room, turn cleanup into a scavenger hunt. Take a quick look at what’s scattered around and decide how you want to create categories. You might go by color, function, or size. Yell out, “Bring me everything green,” “anything you can wear,” or “all toys smaller than Mr. Potato Head.” As they finish each category, move on to the next one until the floor is picked up.

Form Cleaning Teams

Depending on your kids’ personalities, it may work to assign them chores as a team. Let them come up with team names, like the Super Sweepers or the Squeaky Cleans. Give each team a list of three or four specific chores. Don’t list, “clean the living room” – instead write, “straighten the bookshelves, dust the coffee table, and vacuum the rug.” Reward teams as they finish. You can offer a toy or money, but something as simple as an extra bedtime story or 10 more minutes of media time may be just as compelling.

Turn the Mundane into the Adventurous

If your kids have wild imaginations, tap into that to make cleanup fun. For instance, when setting the dinner table, have your kids pretend they’re preparing it for the royal court. Give them pillowcases to wear as superhero capes when raking leaves in the backyard. Play “lava” while picking up the living room – they have to act fast to protect the toys before the volcano explodes!

Add Music

Not only does playing a tune help motivate your kids to get up and start cleaning, but it also serves as a built-in timer. See if the family can clear the table, put leftovers away, and wipe the counters before the song ends!

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