How to Choose and Care for Your Shower Curtain

shower curtain on rod

There’s a lot to know about shower curtains! Whether you’re in the market for a new one, or you want to keep your existing curtain in good shape, this guide is for you. We’ve got a proven strategy for choosing the best shower curtain for your bathroom and tips on how to care for it.

Types of Shower Curtains

Your first consideration is what material you want your shower curtain to be made of. Nylon and polyester are popular, inexpensive materials. These are more moisture-resistant than cotton but softer than vinyl. Still, you’ll need a liner if you choose a nylon or polyester shower curtain.

Cotton is a good choice for making your bathroom feel dressier. This material is soft, durable, and easy to clean. You’ll need a liner to go with your cotton shower curtain so it doesn’t get drenched.

Vinyl is the cheapest, lowest-maintenance material choice. Because liners are also made of vinyl, you can skip making this extra investment — just remember to tuck the curtain inside the tub so water doesn’t splash over the side.

After you choose a material, it’s time to think about colors, patterns, and features. For a trendy look, opt for a patterned curtain in your favorite colors. For something more subtle, choose a solid color. No matter what you decide, pick rugs, towels, and accents in matching colors for a coherent look.

Then, consider picking out a curtain with magnets on the bottom to help it stay in place. You can also find liners with this feature if you prefer the curtain to remain magnet-free. Other potential features to look for include hookless curtains for a modern look and extra wide curtains for oversized shower stalls.

Shower Curtain Care

Follow these steps to keep your shower curtain looking nice:

  • Spread the curtain out after each shower to help it dry.
  • Alternate between two shower curtains. Take the first one down to wash and dry it while the other one hangs in the shower. Rotate your curtains this way once a month.
  • Remove stubborn mildew with a paste of borax and lemon juice. Rub the paste into the curtain and let it sit overnight. Then, machine wash and dry the curtain before taking your next shower.

How to Clean a Shower Curtain

Regardless of the material you choose, plan to machine wash your shower curtain about once a month to keep it mildew-free. Double-check the care tag on your curtain to make sure you clean it properly. The following instructions work for most nylon, polyester, cotton, and vinyl shower curtains:

  • Clean the shower curtain in the washing machine using cold or warm water and mild detergent. Add a laundry booster, such as oxygen bleach or borax, to help remove soap scum and mildew.
  • Dry the curtain completely before its next use. You can line dry it or hang it back up in the shower. You can also dry cloth shower curtains on low in the dryer, but don’t attempt this with vinyl, which could start to melt.

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