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Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

If you’re a busy mom, every minute counts. With a to-do list filled with tasks like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and chauffeuring the kids around town, cleaning might fall by the wayside. Fortunately, all you need are a few quick cleaning tips to help you make the most of every minute!

Quick Ways to Clean Each Area of the House

When you don’t have much time to tidy up before moving on to the next item on your to-do list, focus on the most important tasks while leaving others for another day. Here are some quick cleaning tips for different rooms of the house:

  • Bedroom: Make the bed. Then, throw toys, clothes, and other miscellaneous items into a spare laundry basket. Tuck the basket out of sight in a closet until you have time to organize and put things away later.
  • Kitchen: Place all the dirty dishes in the sink. While they soak, wipe the counters. Then, quickly rinse the dishes and load them into the dishwasher. Finally, rinse out the sink. You’ll want to disinfect the counters and sink every so often, but don’t worry about that today.
  • Bathroom: Wipe down the most critical surfaces in the room, including the sink, counters, toilet, and mirror. You can get to cleaning out the tub, dusting the lights, and mopping the floors when you have a little more time.
  • Living room: Dust hard surfaces with a microfiber cloth. Then, give the carpet or area rug a quick once-over with the vacuum. If there’s pet hair on the couch, roll a lint brush over the cushions to remove it in a jiffy.
  • Entryway: Corral shoes into a laundry basket and stick it in the garage. Then, spot-clean areas where mud is stuck to the floor with a paper towel and all-purpose cleaner. You can worry about mopping the entire floor another day.
  • Home office: If papers are cluttering your desk, put them in a folder or mail organizer to look over later. Then, dust your desk and vacuum the floor. Save the task of disinfecting your mouse and keyboard for a day when you have more time.
  • Laundry room: Pick up any dirty laundry off the floor and toss it into a laundry basket. Wipe down the outside of the washer and dryer with a paper towel and all-purpose cleaner. You’ll eventually need to clean the inside of the washing machine and blow out the dryer vent, but that day is not today.

Don’t Forget About Your Monthly Deep-Clean

While these quick cleaning tips provide a surface-level clean and offer busy moms peace of mind, you should still plan to deep clean the house about once a month. This includes things like sweeping and mopping, vacuuming the stairs, disinfecting hard surfaces, dusting lampshades, and similar chores.

Particularly germy rooms, such as the bathroom and kitchen, require deep cleaning every week or two. These tasks include scrubbing the toilet bowl, disinfecting the counters and sinks, and cleaning the microwave.

Molly Maid Helps Busy Moms!

Molly Maid offers regular house cleaning services to help take the load off. Whether you require a single deep-cleaning, occasional assistance around the house, or routine help with chores, we’re here for you. We even offer “spring cleaning” year-round, including many of the tasks that Aire Serv® recommends to improve indoor air quality. Let us tackle your least favorite chores so you can check all the other items off your to-do list.

To request a free in-home estimate for professional house cleaning services near you, please contact your local Molly Maid or call us at (888) 583-6490.