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5 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Décor

Updating your décor can feel like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sometimes, small changes make a big difference. These five easy tips on how to update home décor will have your space feeling fresh with only a minor investment of time and money.

Swap Out Your Throw Pillows

Pillows are a fun and inexpensive way to introduce new trends. If your living room has a neutral color scheme, make it pop with brightly colored throw pillows. Perhaps you have a bold lamp shade or rug in the room. Pull colors from these accents to help you select pillows that match.

To save on storage space, buy or sew removable shams for your existing pillows. This easy home décor idea is simple to implement and makes it easy to throw dirty pillowcases in the wash.

Paint an Accent Wall

Bring a fun color into your home without the time and stress of painting the entire room. Depending on the size of the wall, you likely only need a quart of paint to get the job done. Then, because you’re just painting one wall, you can simply push the furniture aside and put it all back once the paint dries.

When selecting a hue, be brave and go bold! A high-contrast color will serve as a more noticeable update to your existing décor. Besides, you can always paint over it again in the future.

Rearrange Your Decorations

Move furniture and accents around the room and even between rooms to freshen up the look with what you already have. It’s easy, free, and makes a bigger difference than you might imagine. In fact, you may even improve the flow or functionality of a room just by relocating the furniture. Plus, this is your chance to clean neglected places, such as underneath the couch or behind the sideboard.

Paint Your Furniture for an Updated Look

Do you have an old dresser, headboard, or nightstand that’s more of an eyesore than a conversation piece? Don’t pay to replace it – give it new life! You would be amazed what a little sandpaper, primer, and paint can do for an old piece of furniture.

Consider furniture shopping at flea markets and thrift stores as well. With a little TLC, you can craft beautiful furniture at a fraction of the cost of buying new.

Similarly, you can revive your kitchen by painting your cabinets. There’s no need to install expensive replacements when you can remove the doors and paint them yourself! (Five Star PaintingLink opens in a new tab has some great tips for this DIY project.)

Give Your Bookshelves a Boost

Don’t think of your bookshelves as a storage space – think of them as a vital part of the room’s décor. Eliminate the monotony of rows and rows of books by stacking them in fun ways, separating them with figurines, and leaving some spaces intentionally empty. When you do, this creates the opportunity to line the back of the bookcase with wallpaper. This home décor idea adds a pop of color without overtaking the entire room.

The best way to appreciate your updated home décor is to keep each room neat and tidy. Of course, with your hectic lifestyle, this is easier said than done. When you need an extra helping hand, look to the trusted housekeepers at Molly Maid. We can help with everything from routine chores to one-time deep-cleanings. Customize your cleaning plan to suit your needs!

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