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How to Clean a Burr Grinder

A clean coffee grinder means great-tasting coffee. Like the other small appliances in your kitchen, your coffee grinder needs an occasional deep-clean. After several uses, oil starts to coat the hopper, burrs, and grind chamber, and coffee dust settles in every nook and cranny. Without deep-cleaning, the oil can go rancid and ruin your coffee. Plus, fine dust can overwork the motor and cause it to fail.

Fortunately, cleaning a coffee grinder is a relatively simple task, one you should do every month or two. Use the information here to clean your burr coffee grinder for fresher-tasting brews and a longer-lasting grinder.

Tools for Cleaning a Coffee Grinder

First, gather your supplies:

  • Water and dish soap
  • Bowl
  • Grinder cleaning brush or old toothbrush
  • Microfiber cloth
  • Can of compressed air
  • Coffee grinder cleaning tablets

How to Clean a Burr Grinder

Your two goals are to remove leftover coffee grounds and clean off built-up oil. You need to disassemble the grinder somewhat to accomplish this, but putting it back together is quite simple. For the best results, follow these instructions for cleaning a coffee grinder:

  • Remove and clean the hopper. Depending on the model you have, this might involve twisting the hopper off or pressing a release button on the back. Check the manual if you’re not sure. Wash the hopper in warm water and dish soap. If the hopper features a rubber gasket, remove and wash this as well.
  • Remove and clean the grounds bin. With the hopper removed, the bin that catches coffee grounds should sit loosely, making it easy to remove. If you see a loose metal plate or rubber gasket on top of the outer burr, remove this as well. Wash all of these parts with warm water and soap.
  • Remove and clean the outer burr. This piece might lift straight out, or you may first need to turn it counter-clockwise until you feel a click. Once removed, hold the outer burr over a bowl and clean it with a grinder cleaning brush or an old toothbrush. Do NOT use water, as this can damage the burr.
  • Clean the grind chamber and coffee grounds output area. Brush off any leftover coffee grounds and shake them out of the grinder. Blow stubborn bits of debris away with a blast from a can of compressed air.
  • Reassemble the burr grinder. Rinse the hopper, grounds bin, and gasket(s) and make sure they are completely dry. Then, put everything back together. Make sure the outer burr fits snugly into its slot. There should be minimal side-to-side movement if you’ve done it correctly.
  • Run coffee grinder cleaning tablets through the grinder. This removes any residual coffee grounds, chaff, and oil.

Get House Cleaning Help from Molly Maid

Once your burr grinder is sparkling clean, the final step is to plug it back in and grind up some fresh coffee! If you choose an outlet near the sink, make sure it’s a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet. Not sure what that is or why you need it? Mr. Electric can fill you in.

It feels nice to get your coffee grinder clean, but this is only one item on your to-do list. If you run out of motivation, or you lack time to work on chores, call Molly Maid for help. We’ll make sure you get the clean, tidy home you want without spending the time or energy on it yourself.

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