How to Keep a Clean Home, Psychologically

Person wearing yellow rubber gloves cleaning black countertop with spray and yellow sponge.

Are you looking for help with cleaning your house and tired of the Internet “superheroes” with their top ten tricks, written by people who don’t “get” real life? While the professionals at Molly Maid may not be superheroes, we understand real life because we go through it, right alongside you. That’s why we’re offering real advice, based on psychology, that will help you create the proper mindset, and help motivate and inspire you to achieve more. First, you’ll need a place to start.

One Room at a Time

There’s a clever joke an old English teacher used to say, how do you eat an elephant? The answer is one bite at a time. Apply this same theory to cleaning your house.

The thought of cleaning the entire house can sometimes be overwhelming, especially with the whole family contributing to the mess. The thought can be so debilitating that we often procrastinate at times — put it off until later. In other words, we sometimes get in our own way.

A great way to solve this problem is to clean only one room at a time. Then if, and when you get distracted or pulled away, you can pick up right where you left off. Use one of Molly Maid’s printable cleaning checklists to help you stay focused and on track. While you’re cleaning each room give some thought to how you use that space, and whether the current layout and furnishings meet your needs and requirements.

Every Item Has Its Place

Organize your cleaning in a way that makes sense according to the way you live. Make sure you have easy access to the tools you use daily — everything else should have a home. How often do you use the appliances on your counter? Can seasonal clothing be stored in totes? This organization isn’t just for you, it’s for your whole household.

Create habits that you can continue to develop as time goes on. Eventually, you and your family will get in the habit of performing simple tasks automatically, like taking the trash out on a nightly basis - a great way to reduce and eliminate odors in your home. What might seem overwhelming at first will soon become part of your regular routine. Rewarding yourself with little incentives and some ‘me time’ — like curling up with a good book, relaxing to music, or enjoying your favorite foods can serve as motivation too.

Provide Yourself Incentives

Games are a wonderful incentive for busy parents. Have you ever heard of the saying, “If you can’t beat them, join them?” Well, maybe that glass of wine or chocolate bar just isn’t enough of a reward for you anymore, and you may not be able to run out to get a massage at the spa.

Reward and challenge yourself in different ways. Changing your focus can change the way your brain operates. So be sure to take a break and do a crossword puzzle or a word search. Read a chapter out of a book. Or download a game with an online community that can help you establish new friendships — such a youthful approach might even impress your kids.

Sure, our brain loves routine but, at the same time, it craves engagement and challenges. Stepping out of your comfort zone or simply mixing things up by doing something different during the day can provide extra motivation and a break from familiar tasks and activities. At the end of the day try to find some much-needed time to unwind.

Be Realistic About What You Can Accomplish

Keep in mind, every day’s a work in progress. You’re working toward a cleaning frame of mind that makes you feel comfortable, easily engaged, and dynamic enough to challenge you. Remember, even the professionals aren’t superheroes, so don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be one. You don’t have to achieve “white glove” status with every cleaning. Comfortable and lived-in is sometimes good enough.

Your home is where life happens, and every moment you spend in it is an opportunity to improve your surroundings. Maintaining a clean home is just one way to enhance your environment, relax in your surroundings and unwind. And here’s a bonus — you won’t have to scramble to clean up when unexpected visitors arrive.

When You Need Help, Don’t Be Afraid to Ask!

Molly Maid is in the profession of creating healthy spaces so that you can create memories. They’ll partner with you so you can live your best life. Molly Maid can provide your family with services tailored to your specific needs. Families love that they can trust us to truly care for their homes. Request an online estimate today for a cleaning plan that's right for your home.