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  • Creating a Capsule Wardrobe for a More Streamlined Closet

    Creating a capsule wardrobe is all about thoughtfully selecting a simple set of timeless, neutral clothing items that work well ...

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  • 6 Germiest Things in Your House & How to Clean Them

    If you think the toilet is the germiest place in your home, think again. This fixture has a dirty reputation, but it doesn’t even ...

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  • Cleaning Tips to Avoid Getting the Flu

    Flu season is in full swing, and it’s more important than ever to keep germs out of the house. Follow these cleaning tips to help ...

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  • 5 Easy Ways to Freshen up Your Décor

    Updating your décor can feel like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Sometimes, small changes make a big ...

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  • 10 Ways to Motivate Yourself to Clean in 2019

    The holidays are over, and you’re experiencing letdown now that the parties have all ended and you are back to work. The ...

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  • Tips for Washing Dishes After a Big Party

    The holidays are a popular time to host house parties. It’s fun to laugh, joke, and reminisce together, but once the guests leave, ...

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