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  • How to Clean a French Press Coffee Maker

    There’s doubt about it—Americans love their coffee! But why settle for an ordinary cup of Joe from a drip coffeemaker when you can ...

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  • How Often Should I Have My House Cleaned?

    There’s no hard-and-fast answer to the question of how often to have your house cleaned. However, anyone thinking about hiring a ...

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  • Cleaning Tips for Busy Moms

    If you’re a busy mom, every minute counts. With a to-do list filled with tasks like grocery shopping, cooking dinner, and ...

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  • 10 Complaints Busy Moms Have About the State of the House

    As a busy mom, you have a lot on your plate. You play the role of meal planner, grocery shopper, and chef. You keep the calendar ...

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  • 10-minute Kitchen Clean | How to Clean Your Kitchen Fast

    Have 10 minutes to spare? Then you have time to clean the kitchen! In this short amount of time, you can maintain the tidy kitchen ...

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  • How Often Should I Clean My Refrigerator? And How to Do it!

    How long has it been since you cleaned your fridge? You can wait several months between deep-cleanings if you take a few simple ...

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