Sunday Cleaning Tips to Reclaim Your Weekends

If you’re frustrated because you spend more weekends scrubbing and dusting than you do having fun, we get it. When it comes to cleaning, we’ve perfected how to do it quickly and effectively. After all, we make a living providing all kinds of house cleaning services, and we've saved our customers from countless lost weekends! Sometimes there's not enough time (or energy) left to keep your home as clean as you'd like. But what if you could cut that weekend cleaning marathon in half with a proven Sunday cleaning list?

First, let’s agree that pretty clean is clean enough for weekend cleaning. We're not asking you to lower your standards—we just want you to temper your expectations. When your expectations are reasonable and your time is limited, you can find a more balanced house cleaning approach. With help from Molly Maid, you can create a custom cleaning plan for Sunday cleaning that gets the job done. Let’s start with the cleaning basics below and create a personalized cleaning checklist for your home.

Sunday Cleaning Basics

The key is to make your Sunday cleaning fast but acceptable. If you do too much, you'll spend your whole day cleaning and feel resentful when it’s all done. Clean too little, and you'll have to find time during your busy week to finish up. Here's how to make your Sunday chores efficient and effective.

Declutter for a Fresh Start

Clean or not, a cluttered home is a stressful home. Clutter can slowly whittle away at your living space and your mental well-being. A cluttered home is also harder to clean because there are so many things to clean and obstacles in our way. Decluttering lays the foundation for more manageable house cleaning, and it can be a simple process.

Instead of attempting an all-out purge, keep things easy and fast by grabbing a garbage bag and conducting a quick declutter. This technique lets you skip sorting and debating over what to keep. All you have to do is fill the garbage bag, and you're done. Go room by room and fill it up with junk drawer contents, empty boxes, broken toys, old food and cosmetics, clothes, and any other items that add to the clutter.

Dust and Damp Wipe Surfaces

If you dust every Sunday, there shouldn't be too much buildup to tackle. Microfiber cloths and dusters are your tools of choice if you want a thorough and quick dusting experience. Use the dusters to clean ceiling fans, door frames, light fixtures, molding, and any other hard-to-reach spots, and then work your way down.

For furniture and other surfaces, use a dry microfiber dusting cloth to attract and remove dust. Use a dampened microfiber cloth to wipe and a third microfiber cloth to dry the surface. Don't forget the dust you can't see. Dust and other particles accumulate on fabric furniture, and a quick once-over with a vacuum upholstery tool can eliminate most of the surface dirt.

Sweep and Vacuum Floors

Now that you've dusted and decluttered, it's time to work your way down to the hard surface floors and carpet. If you have any area rugs, take them outdoors and beat the dust out of them. For hard floors, begin by sweeping from the corners inward to create a pile. Sweep the baseboard and trim first, then the floor, to get the most cleaning for your efforts.

Vacuuming carpets follows the same routine, except you'll use your vacuum hose tool to tackle the corners and baseboards. Start with a clean vacuum bag or canister and hook up your crevice tool for the first phase. It's much easier to hit the baseboards and corners all at once, so do a perimeter vacuum with the crevice tool. Once you've vacuumed the edges, switch back to the floor setting and vacuum your carpets.

Clean and Disinfect the Bathrooms

A clean home looks, feels, and smells fresh, but there is one room that can ruin this clean vibe with its offensive odors - your bathroom. Begin by cleaning and disinfecting the trash can inside and out and let it air dry. Spray the tub, shower, sink, and toilet with bathroom cleaner so it can do some of the work while you're cleaning. If your shower curtain is washable, remove it and put it in the washer.

Clean the shower and tub, including the faucet. Give the mirror a shine, then wipe down the vanity, sink, and faucet. Scrub the toilet and leave the cleaning solution to sit while you clean the outside and behind the toilet. Sweep the floor, flush the toilet, and grab any bathroom rugs to throw in the washer.

Every home is different, so feel free to mix and match these tips to create a customized Sunday cleaning list for your home. Once you get your chores prioritized, you can work on your speed to turn hours of cleaning into a Sunday cleaning quickie.

Mix Things Up

Cleaning can be fun if you let it. Whether you make a game of your Sunday cleaning or go full speed to beat your record time, bring a little excitement to routine chores to make them more bearable. Get the whole family involved when possible, and change out their cleaning chores each Sunday to keep things interesting. Crank up some music and give your cleaning team a reward like a dinner at the family's favorite restaurant.

Keep a digital copy of your personalized cleaning list on your computer so you can fine-tune your Sunday cleaning routine. As you get more used to your Sunday cleaning list, you'll typically find areas requiring more or less cleaning each week. Tweak your cleaning list as needed, and as you get faster, you'll find yourself spending less and less time cleaning.

The Best Day to Have Your Home Cleaned

If you find your Sunday cleaning routine is a better fit for another day of the week, that's great. Whatever works best for your unique schedule and cleaning needs is the right solution. And remember—the best day to have your home cleaned by Molly Maid is any day you don't feel like cleaning!

We'll give your home a professional cleaning, and the Neighborly Done Right Promise™ ensures your satisfaction. Whether you let us tackle the dirty work or do it yourself, Molly Maid makes house cleaning more manageable. Call or request a free estimate online to see how you can enjoy a clean home every day of the week.

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